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Are Rottweilers smart

How Smart Are Rottweilers and Do They Learn Commands Easily?

Most people know that Rottweilers have been trained for various types of work in their long history. In addition, they are also very popular as pets. With these dogs being as popular as they are, many wonder about their intelligence and learning abilities. Are Rottweilers smart? Rottweilers are intelligent dogs […]

Can Rottweilers Live in Apartments

Can Rottweilers Live in Apartments?

You may think that because of their large size, a Rottweiler would struggle to live comfortably in a smaller space, such as that of an apartment. And yet, it may surprise you to learn that Rottweilers are considered one of the best choices as apartment dogs. This is because they […]

Are Rottweilers Loyal

Are Rottweilers Loyal?

Rottweilers: Loyal to the Death They’re large dogs with an imposing aura that the uninitiated may fear. They may wonder whether, underneath that tough exterior, there’s a loyal dog. Never fear. Rottweilers are considered one of the most loyal breeds ever known to humans. They adore their owners and family […]

rottweiler pros and cons

Rottweilers: Should You Get One or Not?

We’re all about the Rottweilers here, and we would always give a hearty “yes!” to this question. However, it always helps to know the pros and cons of owning the animal you’re thinking of. Rottweilers: The Parts We Love In short, these are the best things about owning a Rottweiler: […]

Male vs Female Rottweilers

Male vs Female Rottweilers: What are the differences

To the untrained eye, there are very few differences between male and female Rottweilers, especially if they’re on their own without their counterpart to be compared to. Knowing the differences between male and female Rottweilers could be the deciding factor between which of the puppy litter you’ll pick. There are […]