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How To Tell If A Rottweiler Is Purebred

How To Tell If A Rottweiler Is Purebred

If you are searching for the perfect new pet and you want a purebred Rottweiler, then you need to be able to tell by its appearance if it is indeed purebred. Dogs don’t have to be registered to be purebred, because one of the parent dogs may be the perfect […]

Can Rottweilers Hunt

Can Rottweilers Hunt?

Rottweilers are one of the most aggressive breeds of dogs out there. Their prey drive is strong, and it can be difficult to control their instincts when prey is in sight. That said, as with any dog, how well they hunt is based on their training and what kind of […]

why is my rottweiler so small

Why is My Rottweiler So Small?

Reasons Why Your Rottweiler Can Be So Small A Rottweiler can be an excellent companion, and you will care for it to grow healthy. The size of your Rottweiler will vary depending on the size of its parents, age, and sex. Commonly, a male Rottweiler is larger than a female […]

why do rottweilers have eyebrows

Why Do Rottweilers Have Eyebrows?

There are many theories about why certain dogs such as the Rottweiler, German shepherds, Basset Hound, and Boston terrier have eyebrow marking or dots and even hairy eyebrows. It is important to note that dogs have more of what is considered a ridge above their eyes. There may be a […]

Can A Rottweiler Jump A Fence

Can A Rottweiler Jump A Fence?

What better companions to have than rottweilers? However, when left on their own, rottweilers tend to be slightly naughty. Therefore, having an enclosed yard can help keep them out of trouble. Many people imagine that because of rottweilers’ stocky build, they cannot jump over a fence. From this article, you […]